The main book she appears in.

Andrea Crowell is one of the Missing Children taken out of time. She had long, light brown hair and gray eyes. Her hair is commonly pulled into two braids and Jonah says it suits her. Andrea is incredibly stubborn and also very smart, asking about hte rock and its oxidation levels in Found.In original time she is actually Virginia Dare. Just like the other missing children, she was adopted. Her adoptive parents were both killed in a fatal car crash. At the ending of the book, she seems to understand her loss, and helps comfort her aunt. Her grandfather (in original time) is John White. John White and Virginia Dare were destined to never meet, but she (with the un-wanted help of second) moved her tracer, which was thought impossible by time experts. Because of this, she changed time dramatically, causing damaged time. The damaged time is impossible for any time travelers to go in or out of, stranding JB, Brendan, Antonio and Andrea in the 1600's.

She had plane seat 1A as she traveled through time originally.


Jonah Skidmore: Boyfriend

Katherine Skidmore: Friend


Found (Book 1): Mentioned only

Sabotaged (Book 3)

Torn (Book 4)

Revealed (Book 7)