JB (Eduard "Tete" Einstein)

Warning, spoiler alert

Biography Edit

JB is a man and a time agent from the future, with brown hair, green eyes, and described as cute by Katherine in Found. He was pretending to be a janitor so Katherine called him JB- Janitor Boy. His full future name is Alonzo Alfred Aloysius K'Tah. He opposes Gary and Hodge in Found, and wants to send all the children back in time to their rightful positions in history to save time. Eventually, JB aims to save people as well, not just time. In Caught, JB's real identity is actually Tete Einstein, son of Albert and Mileva Einstein, brother to Lieserl Einstein, otherwise known as Emily. Tete has mental illness, schizophrenia to be exact, and was sent when he was a teenager to the future to become a time agent. His mother, who sent him forward, also brought in other mentally ill youth from the past to replace Tete. JB is kind, intelligent, brave, and has a great sense of responsibility of duty.

He also has an Elucidator, which can teleport people, make the sound of wind, and travel through time. He can also control gravity (with the use of the Elucidator) but it isn't said how far this goes. But he did make the Elucidator float.Jonah and Kathrine did not trust JB untill about the third book.