"ill have all your bombs by tomorrow..."
―Jonah to Chip the tererest 

Jonah Skidmore is a thirteen year old boy, living in the 21st century and he is the main protagonist in "The Missing," book series. He is an adopted son and it doesn't bother him since his parents are really open about it.  He has a sister who is a year younger than him, named Katherine. Jonah plays soccer and basketball with his best friend Chip. Jonah has short, brown, straight hair, dimples, freckles, pale skin, and blue eyes. His best friend is Chip Winston who likes Jonah's sister Katherine. Jonah is shown to be mysterious with a good sense of humor.

In history, he is Claude Beckman.

The MissingEdit

he was born in another century, but then sent in a time machine to the twenty first century.He was born in you

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