"I'll do everything I can to help you......"
―Jonah to Chip, 

Jonah Skidmore is a thirteen year old boy, living in the 21st century and he is the main protagonist in "The Missing," book series. He is an adopted son and it doesn't bother him since his parents are really open about it.  He has a sister who is a year younger than him, named Katherine. Jonah plays soccer and basketball with his best friend Chip. Jonah has short, brown, straight hair, dimples, freckles, pale skin, and blue eyes. His best friend is Chip Winston who likes Jonah's sister Katherine. Jonah is shown to be mysterious with a good sense of humor.

Before the MissingEdit

Jonah and the other missing children were kidnapped by Gary and Hodge which had turned them into babies. However, he was adopted by his 21st century parents and lived a normal life until he recieves a mysterious letter saying that he is one of the missing.  Soon after, he finds out that his best friend (Chip Winston) received the same letter earlier that day. They go into this huge mystery with Jonah's sister, Katherine. Then Jonah and Chip both recieve another letter that says  "Beware! They're coming back to get you.

They received 2 mysterious notes.

The MissingEdit

Jonah, Chip, and Katherine (Jonah's sister) are trapped in a cave by two men named Mr. Hodge and Gary. It turns out they are trapped with the other thirty-two kids that are missing from history. A man who the three call JB appears with a woman named Angela Dupre and saves them, but sends Jonah, Katherine, Chip, and a boy named Alex back in time.

Jonah and Katherine save Chip and Alex from their deaths at the end of Sent. Once returned to the 21st century, Jonah is allowed to live normally for a while. But, he is once again sent back in time with Katherine, a girl named Andrea (Who he develops a crush for) who is Virgina Dare and...a dog named Dare. JB has no idea why that was the combination of living things to have the most chance of success, but still sends them back in time. However, things don't exactly go as planned. A time traveler code-named Second decides to manipulate them by sending them to the wrong area and trapping Antonio and Brendan with them. 

This results in Second sending Jonah and Katherine to 1611 where Jonah has to play John Hudson and Katherine's an invisible spy.

In Caught, Jonah and Katherine see time freeze at 11:43 in the morning, and then go to 1903 to save time and their friend Emily.

In Risked, Jonah and Katherine get abducted by Gavin -- who was working for Gary and Hodge until he was betrayed by them -- and get sent to 1918 along with their friend Daniella.

In Revealed, Jonah must find out his true identity-- without the help of Katherine.

<<< SPOILER ALERT >>> We find out that he was born in the 1930s as a young boy named Claude Beckman. His twin brother, Jordan, was known as Clyde Beckman.