Katherine Skidmore is an eleven year old (almost twelve), year old girl in the 6th grade, who lives in the twenty first century, and a protagonist in the series "The Missing." She is the daughter of Michael and Linda Skidmore and is not adopted. She has an adopted brother who is a year older than her, named Jonah. She learns that her brother and her brothers friend Chip are actually missing kids from history along with 34 other children. Jonah and Chip, and the 34 other kids were kidnapped by time travelers and taken to the present. She helps Chip and Jonah solve mysteries that can help save time and history. Katherine is smart, independent, and sometimes can be friendly to others. 


Katherine is a nearly twelve year old girl. She is in sixth grade and has thick, long blond hair, and brown eyes and a "ski-slope nose" [Found]. She takes piano lessons and does gymnastics practice, and is pretty good at basketball. Where as she does act like the typical teenage girl- she is interested in makeup and clothes and hairstyles and boys and all that- she has proven to be incredibly loyal to her brother, Jonah, and her boyfriend, Chip. She can throw herself wholeheartedly into someone else's cause and try so hard from the sidelines. She is very empathetic and compassionate, and seems to enjoy teasing her brother. She has a flair for the dramatic, is naive, and has been shown to pay attention in social studies class but is not very interested in physics.


Found (Book one)

Sent (Book two)

Sabotaged (Book three)

Torn (Book four)

Caught (Book five)

Risked (Book six)

Revealed (Book seven)

Redeemed (Book eight)

Sought (Book nine; ebook short)

Rescued (Book ten; ebook short)